Earth is committed to sustainable minded design and manufacturing whenever possible.

Earth strives to do better for the planet every day. They source the world’s finest materials, carefully choose partners who share their vision, and always strive to do better as they move into the future. 

They also focus on better shoemaking methods—including the use of water-based non-toxic glues, vegetable tanned leathers, and glue-free shoeboxes. Day after day, Earth is doing good and being easier on the planet. It’s their promise to continue this effort into the future—becoming a more sustainable company with each passing year.

Since 2015, Earth has partnered with Trees For The Future to plant over 200,000 trees.

They use only water-based adhesives in our footwear, which is far less toxic to the air and people who work in footwear manufacturing, than traditional solvent and oil based alternatives. Many other glues such as Solvents, Radiation cured glues and Hot Melts have been shown to be extremely dangerous to people’s health. Water-based glues are a more responsible choice.

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