Red Wing 95183 Boot Bumper Repair & Protection

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Red Wing Boot Bumpers


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Colour: BROWN

There's no reason to wear scuffed-up boots. Cover your toe caps with durable plastic boot bumpers. It's easy to keep your brown boots looking great with these Brown Boot Savers.

Working men who do landscaping, lay tile or carpet, or find themselves constantly scuffing their boots will love these brown toe bumpers. To apply these Boot Savers just wash the toes of your safety toe boots and let them dry. Then, using the enclosed sandpaper in this kit, roughen the leather and cover the toe caps of your boots with special adhesive. The hard plastic toe caps in this kit then fit over the toes of your boots to cover them with hard--and hard-to-ruin--plastic toe bumpers.

These boot bumpers add a hard layer of plastic between the world and the leather of your boots prolongs the life of your footwear. Rely on these Brown Boot Savers to provide an economical and good-looking aid to your boots. Order your own pair of boot bumper today to start protecting your work boots the right way!

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Red Wing

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