When it comes to work safety, there is no compromise. With a goal of delivering “The Ultimate Footwear Protection”, Acton boots are reinforced with CSA approved protective insoles and toe protectors, letting you know that your feet are safe.

Whether you are a landscaper, a welder, or a construction worker, Acton has crafted high-quality footwear to ensure you get the most out of your busy schedule.

In the Canadian Prairies, Winter can be long, cold and harsh. From blizzards and snowstorms, to icy roads and slush, life rarely waits for the weather to clear up. That is why Acton offers a wide selection of weather resilient shoes and boots.

 Acton Winter boots are lined with Thinsulate Insulation, which wraps around the foot keeping it warm and cozy. The outer layer is made of tough nylon, which is 100% water resistant. So despite how cold, wet and miserable it might get on a given day, you can trust Acton to keep your feet warm and dry. Acton boots are also equipped with tough traction soles, so you can keep your footing on even the slipperiest surfaces.




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