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health, wellness and nutrition

Date: Jun-24-2016   #Health and Wellness

How does proper Nutrition play a role in Health and Wellness? Let's hear from Brian and Jordan...

wellness and nutrition

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What is Wellness?

Date: Jun-16-2016

What is Wellness? Let's hear what our own Brian Scharfstein and  Wellness expert Jordan Cieciwa have to say... 

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Can Socks Improve the Comfort and Enjoyment of Your Shoes? You Bet They Can!

Date: Jan-28-2016   #Comfort

Why would you buy good quality footwear if you're not going to wear them with a good quality sock...

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Does Your Child Have Heel Pain?

Date: Feb-18-2015   #Foot Health

Your child could be suffering from Sever's Disease...

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Is HEEL PAIN Holding You Back

Date: Feb-18-2015   #Foot Health

Waking upto extreme stiffness and pain in the feet can really put a damper on your day. Heel pain is not normal and can be relieved with non-invasive treatments.

Heel pain is most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of tissue that runs from the...

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