Winter Boot Temperature Ratings and Warmth


What do temperature ratings really mean?

Temperature ratings are intended to provide you with a guide when heading out into cold weather. The insulation has been tested before ratings are put on the boots. However, no matter the rating, fit is the most important part of keeping your feet warm. It is crucial to allow enough room for body heat to circulate around your feet. Boots that are too tight will be cold even if the rating indicates otherwise. The materials that make up the outer sole of the boot are also important as some materials, such as plastic, will cause your feet to cool quickly. The best winter boots have rubber soles.

The socks you wear will also determine how warm your feet will be. A dry foot is a warm foot. When you head out into the cold and your body adjusts to the change in temperature, perspiration can form on your feet. If you are dressed appropriately for the cold, your feet will initially heat up and begin to sweat and this sweat is then absorbed into your socks. This moisture will attract and retain the cold. A cotton sock will hold the cold moisture against your skin, making your feet cold. On the other hand, socks made from moisture-wicking materials will move the moisture away from your skin, making them crucial to keeping your feet warm. Everyone has their own personal preference when selecting the materials in socks, and there are many materials what will work to wick moisture away from your feet. Wool, polypropylene, and acrylic are great options for winter socks.

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