Going the Distance with New Balance


Over the month of June and July, we’ve been encouraging people of all levels to get moving through running, whether on their own or as part of our Running Club on the Strava App. We know it takes a few good runs to really understand how you fit and move in your runners, and the process of picking out or transitioning to a new running shoe can be daunting and often a little too technical as advancements in material and design are introduced to the market. We’re here to make it simple. 

Here are some basic terms you’ll need to know:

Pronation:  This refers to the normal motion of the foot when it naturally rolls inwards allowing for impact distribution or for absorbing shock upon landing. This differs from person to person. Overpronation is a condition in which the foot rolls excessively down and inward. The arch may elongate and collapse and the heel will lean inwards. Overpronation should not be confused with pronation. One way of identifying how you pronate is by looking at where there is most wear on the bottom of your running shoe.


Supination: This refers to when your weight rolls to the outside of your feet. Supination is when standing the heel often leans outwards, putting more weight on the outer edge of the foot. People who supinate usually have an abnormally high arch or instep that has little flexibility when standing. However too much supination contributes to common running injuries due to instability in the ankles.

Upper: This is the material part of the shoe that covers the top and sides of the foot, the toes, and back of the heel. Generally the upper of a shoe can either be composed of a single piece or comprised of multiple stitched pieces.

Heel Counter: The heel counter is an insert used to form the back portion of a shoe which reinforces the heel cup and increases support.

Heel Cup: This is the area that make up the heel portion of the inside of a shoe to accommodate cushion and provide support.

Medial Post: This is a device located on the inside portion of the shoe’s midsole, typically firmer than the rest of the midsole to reduce over-pronation.

Fresh Foam X: New Balance’s Fresh Foam X is New Balance’s premier running shoe cushioning technology that’s packed into shoes like the Fresh Foam X 1080v10 and Fresh Foam X 880v10. The foam is soft, responsive, and light, giving each shoe an easy ride and smooth transition.  

Hypoknit: A new upper technology used in several New Balance running shoes to keep feet securely in place. The design addresses different areas of support and stretch in one seamless upper, offering the right amount of conformity. You’ll find this in the 880v10 and 1080v10 runners.


Ultra Heel: A supportive heel cup made of a malleable material offering a soft, yet springy underfoot feel. The design works to securely cup the heel while providing better control and less slippage. (Found in the 860v10, 880v10 and 1080v10 runners)  


FuelCell Foam: New Balance’s highest rebound foam – FuelCell provides a light and responsive ride. The newly improved FuelCell foam technology is designed through data-driven midsole shaping, offering optimized transitions for greater speed.


We’ve listed our top 3 New Balances models suitable for stability, daily training, and/or cushioning needs:


860v10 - For Stability

• Redesigned medial post

• Stable mesh upper

• Redesigned molded heel counter


The overall fit of the 860v10 is engineered to support every runner’s needs, with a sleek aesthetic. The medial post has been redesigned and shaped at an angle for a smoother feel after heel landing, and constructed to neutralize pronation without the bulk. The conforming qualities of the jacquard mesh upper delivers structure to keep your feet in place, while the new midsole foam construction and molded cup at the heel provides a cushioned yet responsive stride.


880V10 - For Daily Training

• Fresh Foam X Midsole

• Medium cushioning

• Hypoknit upper


The 880 series is well known for its dependable fit as an everyday training companion. While the molded heel cup and the secure, yet flexible Hypoknit upper structures your feet in place and helps to guide your stride, the added Fresh Foam X technology elevates this classic shoe to provide a durable and highly cushioned sole. These are perfectly constructed to provide well-balanced cushioning, ideal for smoother everyday runs of any distance.


1080v10 – For Cushioning


• Brand New Fresh Foam X Midsole

• High cushioning  

• Hypoknit upper


While the newest version of the 1080 shoe is significantly lighter than its predecessor due to the reduced rubber coverage on the outsole, this running shoe is far from lacking proper cushioning. Composed of a full-length, highly cushioned, Fresh Foam X midsole, with stretchy and breathable Hypoknit technology, the 1080v10 provides a lighter, more comfortable, and non-constricting ride. The new heel design offers a snug, slip-free and secure fit, perfect for daily and uninterrupted long distance runs that supports your stride.

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