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Runs In the Family: This Month, We’re All For Running!

Date: Jun-8-2020   #Health and Wellness

We like to say that one good run will lead to another. If you’re starting to run for the first time, welcome to the club! Beginning a training program is exciting and challenging, and your running shoes are a major tool to help you reach your goals. If you’re a seasoned runner, then welcome to the Canadian Footwear club, as well!

When looking for a fresh pair of running shoes, the options can get overwhelming. Over the coming month, we’re celebrating runners of all levels while providing some fun challenges, giveaways, and insights on the technical side of running shoes, that will keep you comfortable, motivated, and active for months to come.

Do you need a neutral or stability supported shoe? One with plush cushioning or a firmer midsole? Something light and responsive or something durable that will keep you comfortable through long runs? All of these questions – and more – we’ll be answering.

As of late, we have seen a growing number of virtual running formats in the form of apps. These challenges have ranged from 1km time trials to 100-mile events. An app that the Canadian Footwear team swears by and is active on, is Strava!

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Picks from a Pedorthist!

Date: Dec-4-2017   #Health and Wellness

With the knowledge of our Pedorthists, we've answered some of our most asked quesitons about footwear and orthotics, and compiled some Pedorthist recommended products. 

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Fall Prevention

Date: Nov-9-2016   #Health and Wellness

Wellness and Exercise

Date: Jul-6-2016   #Health and Wellness

Let's hear what Brian and Jordan have to say about Wellness and Exercise...

wellness and exercise

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