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Baffin | for Men

Baffin believes in practicing what they preach. Through experiencing the baffin product first-hand, in the the real world, Baffin is able to continuously improve their footwear. Baffin boots have been tested by CEO Paul Hubner in some of the coldest regions around the world, such as the North Pole, Nepal, the South Pole and Baffin Island. Therefore you can trust that they will be warm enough to withstand even the coldest of Manitoba winter days.

Baffin boots come in a range of strengths and styles. The Baffin Endurance Polar Series are designed to withstand temperatures as cold as -100 C. This might seem like overkill, but when it -50 C with the windchill you won’t be complaining. Baffin also offers a range of lighter winter boots, and all-season rain boots. Whether you are going to explore the arctic, or just need to keep dry on a rainy day, Baffin has got you covered.